Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Black and white with glitter mani

I've been observing for quite sometime this trend where there's one black and white nail one is a glitter bomb and the rest are one solid colour, well whoever is responsible for the trend,  my cudos to you because I totally loved it the first time I saw it and was totally waiting for exams to get over so that I could do it so well here it is. ..
Since the time I've began doing mani for this blog I have really started challenging my abilities all thanks to my wonderful readers out there becausei really want to take this blog far and that wouldn't be possible if I do not have quality content.

Hence in this mani I just cut strips out of a medical tape and rubbed it on my palm to remove the excess glue,  laid it over the white and finished with black. A little tip here instead of trying to finish it in one go I did it in three steps working my way inwards from both the corners which was more convenient. Also I corrected a small smudge with the help of a painting brush and white nail polish.

Rest of the nails are pretty easy and therefore you get a jazzy mani with effort on only one nail ;)

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