Saturday, 29 March 2014

Old school flower pattern mani

Hey everyone
I have been super busy with my end sem exams but I still found some time to do this mani for two reasons
1) I was really stressed out with exam burden.
2) I needed something pretty to look at while writing my exams ;)

So I had been thinking for months literally to try and do some free hand floral, but I thought I didn't really have the required skills, hence I kept on postponing it until I had several failed attempts at doing an ombre mani. I found this really helpful video on youtube, which you can should check out here and decided to give it a shot.

I used some stuff lying around as diy tools such as the end of an art brush as large dotting tool and shaved off some hair from size 0 brush to make the thinner lines which I admit are not so thin, but for now will do.

I mattified the mani next day for a more crisper look and it reminded me of those old school flowery table cloths or my mom's oil paintings.

For it being the first time I'm really happy with my work and therefore have ordered my first set of nail art brushes from flipkart and a whole lot of nail goodies. 

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