Thursday, 17 July 2014

Jewelled fingers mani

Hi guys
Today's mani inspiration was from the amazing nailed it she had done this mani quite long ago when I didn't even begin blogging but it's simplistic beauty really stole my heart.
So here's my version.

I used OPI Samoan sand as my base and used the smallest dotting tool for the black pearls and studs both from Konad.

For those who are wondering I've posed against a lamp stand while in my hotel room in Singapore :)

Here's a bonus shot
Hope you guys liked my effort. 

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Swatch and review of OPI Panda-monium Pink with barbie inspired floral mani

Hello lovlies,
Hope you doing great. Today I have a swatch of the lovely OPI Panda-monium Pink. This polish I swear looks like a dream. You can see for yourself below, it is two coats without top coat in natural sunlight.

As you can see its a lovely baby pink and as smooth as butter. It gave me an almost even coverage in two coats but I can see a few steaks,  guess they would be fine in three thin coats or two thick coats. For a lovely collage you can check out my Instagram. Overall I'd recommend this color for every pink lover and those who like muted shades. 

Now for the nail art that I did on this. 

I freehanded the design using my little art brush and layered the flowers a bit. I guess I achieved what I was looking for. This reminds me of the prints on most barbie products and hence the name. I topped off the design with China Glaze fairy dust to add that extra pizzas to it. 😍💅

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Watermelon mani again but improved

Hi guys
I'm so overwhelmed with all the love you've been showering on me and my blog. All the ideas, suggestions, criticism all is highly appreciated. I take each one of them very seriously and therefore wheni decided to test how far I've come as an artist I recreated this watermelon mani.

I used the same colours as before which you can see here 
I know I can do a better job maybe in future but as of now I'm really content with how far I've come.
Here's a little comparison of both the current and previous manis.
 Once again thanks for stopping by. :)

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Watercolour effect poppies

Hi everyone
I don't know what it is but lately I'm literally obsessed with floral mani. I just can't have enough of it maybe because I feel my free handing skills have improved great deal and so I'm on the lookout for floral manis all the time.
My biggest source of inspiration these days is Instagram and that is where I found this amazing mani by Lucy from lucysstash she's even got a video tutorial you should check it out.

I used OPI Samoan Sand as the base and used acetone to thin down OPI Where Did Suzi's Mango and Toucan Do It If You Try,  to make the poppies.
I couldn't really think of much with the leaves and honestly doing watercolour effect with polish is very tiring cos it dries before you can bat an eyelid.
Anyways I'll try with acrylic colours next.

You can find me everywhere with @Nailedtheart

Friday, 20 June 2014

Rose mani with tutorial

Hey ya guys
Today I wanna Thank all the people who are giving me awesome suggestions for themes I should try and stuff I can do to improve my blog. I love you all and trust me I consider each suggestion seriously and try to work on it as soon as possible.
My first tutorial post is also based on a close friend's suggestion.

I didn't really mean to make a tutorial of this one but still I just took pictures as I went and so this is just a pictorial of sorts. I promise to make a detailed one next time.

Step 1. I painted the thumb and ring finger in Maxfactor white and the others in Lakmé Color crush 39

Step 2. I made abstract blobs on the thumb and ring finger using the back of a painting brush from OPI Panda-Monium Pink

Step 3. I sharpened a 0 number. painting brush to do the detailing because I felt it was more flexible than the nail art brushes I had.

Step 4. I made the rose like details which are just curved lines beginning from the centre of the blob and going outwards.

Step 5. I made the leaves using Revlon Super Nature

Step 6. I made the highlights on the Rose using the Maxfactor white and on the leaves using OPI Amazon...Amazoff

Step 7. Sealed it all with a Lakmé 9 to 5 top coat.

Hope all that was useful. Let me know if there's any room for improvement.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Lemon print mani

Hey guys hope you liked my Tree of hearts mani which was an inspiration from a blogger I follow on Instagram and today I have another "inspired" mani again from a fantastic blogger @nailsbyarelisp

Lemons are perfect for this scorching heat in my part of the world. Completely free handed.

Hope you like it... and thanks for stopping by. 

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Fifa themed mani inspired by J Lo

Hey ya
So last week my another cousin requested a FIFA themed mani (wow guys I really really appreciate your feedback and tips) and so I brainstormed but didn't feel like doing the usual football or flags or anything cos the MANIVERSE at the moment is filed with such manis and really good ones belive me and hence I felt I should do something different and yet FIFA and hence this......

A mani inspired by J Lo's attire in the song Ola Ola which is the official FIFA World Cup song.

I completely free handed the design using my 0 number paint brush. The half moon I created by cutting the tape in a half moon shape and then using it as template. The rhinestones are by Konad which I had bought long back from Flipkart.

More suggestions are always welcome let me know if I did justice to the theme or not.
Thanks for stopping by :)