Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Watercolour effect poppies

Hi everyone
I don't know what it is but lately I'm literally obsessed with floral mani. I just can't have enough of it maybe because I feel my free handing skills have improved great deal and so I'm on the lookout for floral manis all the time.
My biggest source of inspiration these days is Instagram and that is where I found this amazing mani by Lucy from lucysstash she's even got a video tutorial you should check it out.

I used OPI Samoan Sand as the base and used acetone to thin down OPI Where Did Suzi's Mango and Toucan Do It If You Try,  to make the poppies.
I couldn't really think of much with the leaves and honestly doing watercolour effect with polish is very tiring cos it dries before you can bat an eyelid.
Anyways I'll try with acrylic colours next.

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