Friday, 25 April 2014

Colorbar Turquoise mani with accent nail

Hey ya
So I don't know what is it about me and nail art these days, that I always fail at one nail art before I succeed in the second design but maybe because I'm really trying to push myself really hard and attempting designs and techniques which I wouldn't even think of before I began blogging.

Today's design is a very simple way to add a little bling to any mani no matter what base colour, here I have used turquoise from colorbar, which is undoubtedly a gorgeous colour and gets smooth in just 2 thin coats. I added the little heart shaped rhinestones on my ring finger as accent, which are from konad and you can get them from here. I must say they stick really really well with just a little bit of clear polish :) without further ado here is the mani
I wanted to add the rhinestone to one more nail maybe my middle finger, but honestly I was too tired, but still I think it looks great anyway so win win!!!!
Thanks for stopping by guys your support really means a lot to me:)

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