Friday, 13 June 2014

Tree of hearts mani

Hello people....... wassup??? hope you guys doing well.
Today's mani is inspired by my favourite blogger with beautiful hands and amazing talent. She is none other than Leslie from workplaypolish guys seriously you should check out her work I bet you'll love every single one of it.

I had tried this mani some time in feb but it failed drastically but now I felt that my freehand skills had developed considerably to give it another shot and here we are ;) I'm really happy with the way it came out. The White is a new Polish that I bought from Maxfactor it's seriously worth it because it's smooth and non streaky unlike many whites out there. Rest are a plethora of OPIs from my recent hauls from Singapore and Dubai. 
I completely free handed the design using a zero number paint brush which I further sharpened. 
Here's the link to my inspiration feel free to let me know how I fared against her awesome mani.
Thanks for stopping by. See ya

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